“Values anchor dreams, and words express meaning. Our dream is to re-knit the powerful connections between the designer’s’ creativity, the customer’s needs . and the worker’s humanity.” C.Milano

Welcome to a new world of premium fashion. At C.Milano, Inc., each of our three brand platforms are united by a singular mission – creating extraordinary, sustainable fashion that closes the gap between luxury, life and health.

Every day, we work on the most exciting project of all – crafting new ways for you to look your best while doing good.

The creation of each C.Milano product forms a special bond between your Personal Best and Society’s Good.

Whether it is a warm, colorful CoutureCoat, a blindingly elegant Carlos Milano Couture jacket or the simple pleasure of FashionForTheGood merchandise, we offer ways for you to reflect your personal aspirations, and inspire change where it is needed most For us, the two are powerfully connected.

The purchase of each C.Milano product also employs a host of artisans for real living wages that vitalize families and local economies. (Edit) Further building on our values, we share a portion of our profits through difference-making philanthropy advancing important causes and community well-being.

To hold this new world together, we have built a competent team. Each team member brings a special blend of smarts and heart to shepherd your experience as a client and a change agent.

Welcome to C.Milano, Inc …….


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