In my other enterprise The Genius Group/TGG, we help organizations advance Equity, Diversity and Inclusion. During our short time in the business of fashion, we have been stunned by the need to include more people of color in leadership, design, aesthetic and modeling roles. This looks like Fashion representing the broad range of beauty and style seen all over the world. Practically, it also means fuller industry access for people of color to satisfying career opportunities both behind and in front of the camera.

C.Milano, Inc. recently visited and worked in Europe. It was breathtakingly beautiful, but also sobering. Yes, global economies are making a slow but spirited comeback, yet there are still so many people just barely making it. Still, C.Milano, Inc. sees some extraordinary opportunities with real upside potential in these challenges. We are thinking outside the box, and want to be part of the solution! To start NOW turning these tides, we are building two powerful initiatives – CarlosMilanoModels (CMM) and the fotoGenius/Media Lab!


Carlos Milano Models

CarlosMilanoModels (CMM) seeks to be an Opportunity Generator helping talented people of color in fashion have better access to more meaningful opportunities. We have partnered with RADG International as the 1st Designer Sponsor of RADG’s DiversityReallyMatters awareness-building campaign. We have already donated many pro-bono hours of planning and development support as well as creative and financial resources to launch their RADG’s Campaign T-Shirt.


fotoGenius / Media Lab

Additionally, we have also recently launched fotoGenius/MediaLab which partners seasoned photographers, creative writers as well as graphic and visual artists with business owners to strengthen their business brands and corporate image.


C. Milano, Inc wants to create new economic opportunity and equity of access so that we can all benefit from the shared prosperity that follows. For us, this is another way to express our core belief – #FashionForTheGOOD!!