Brian Christopher

Deep Thinker – admirer of adventure, storytelling and beautiful imagery.

I value the integrity of thoughts and actions aligning. I believe thoughts are very powerful, not determinants, but guideposts to your dreams. My initial connection with fashion began through appreciating the unspoken moods captured by magazine ads and billboards. I dreamed of worlds that transported me to different places, and evoked feelings of passion, curiosity and excitement.

As a member at C.Milano, Inc and a model, I strive to show my innermost, unfiltered feelings through my work. C.Milano closely aligns with my values of advancing others, while also investing in what makes me uniquely me. I enjoy creating the conditions to help make dreams real, while also promoting new waves of thought. C.Milano has given me a classroom filled with fun, creativity and insight. I am Brian Christopher,Manager of Fashion Advertising and Customer Insight at C.Milano, Inc.