#IAmCMilano and my Fashion is #ForTheGOOD!


As a Marvel/DC Comic devotee, I grew up believing (and pretty much still do) that the Creator gifted each of us with at least one super-power. There is at least one signature talent or aptitude we possess that both distinguishes and provides a basis for us to contribute to the Greater Good. I have a few.

Chief of my given gifts is my creatio ex nihilo – an ability to both see and design good things out of seeming nothings. Where others see trash, I see treasure; what others call ‘failure’, I see as the Future fighting to make its way forward. Case and point. When my sweet wife Joan and I first married, we furnished our first apartments with a creative combination of old and new. We married young, so things were mostly old. We took thrift store purchased furniture, lots of young love and imagination and striped, sanded, re-stained and varnished each masterpiece. Our first apartments became the warm, hip hangouts for our then twenty-something friends to enjoy great meals, laugh/pray and feel at home away from home.


Recently, I applied this same super-power to Myself. I took on my biggest personal and professional transformation yet. Trained as an organizational behaviorist, I have always been fascinated with identity, relatedness and enterprise in the nonprofit sector. Through my first entrepreneurial venture – The Genius Group/TGG (thegeniusgroup.com), I have enjoyed many successful years advising philanthropic leaders and organizations. My aim has been to help these leaders align their gifts and social position with their organizations’ philanthropy, so they can help address society’s most pressing needs.

But after a year of working with an executive coach and an inspired conversation with my first-born son Zachery, I began to re-imagine and re-align my whole life to a new bliss – designing customized coats and jackets. I felt inspired to start a fashion company! After a period of traveling internationally, conferring with fashion industry leaders and perfecting my design skills, I started C.Milano, Inc, on Small Business Saturday, November 2012.


With this creative act, I had to pull out my ‘model card’ again. Previously, I had modeled for over twenty years. Now, I needed to integrate all of who I had become through the years – an educator, business owner, chief executive, happy husband, proud father and now designer. I needed a metamorphosis. With this visual storybook, I welcome you to who I have become…#IAmCMilano and my Fashion is #ForTheGOOD!