Keshia (Kye Medley) Goodman

I am a Free Spirit. I am Ms. Frizzle, the teacher on ‘The Magic School Bus’. I am an artistic soul, full of life, passion and spontaneity.

I have always been interested in expressing myself through creativity, the arts and fashion. A fun person with an infectious personality, I don’t dwell on things for which I have no control. In life (so far), I have made some mistakes, but it’s how I recover that matters. I am committed to following my dreams despite the struggles that come along.

Applying what I’ve learned over the years has assisted me in my journey to success. Also, being a part of such an amazing company has helped me to utilize my journalistic skills while tapping into my artistic self.

I admire the challenges that come with being a part of C.Milano Inc., such as taking risks, sharing my ideas and multi-tasking. The constant push has helped me better myself as a businesswoman. C. Milano Inc. has also provided me with the opportunity to express my creative passion for the fashion industry. I am Keshia Goodman, Marketing Sales Coordinator for C.Milano Inc.